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Decades of Successful XY Gluer Installations

If you are looking for a sales agent for commercial print finishing machinery with decades of experience in serving UK and Irish companies, get in touch with Finishline Machinery. We oversee the installation of the Bickers GLUEJET® XY Glue Plotter – a world leader in its field, underpinned by 40 years of research and installed over 70 machines in the UK alone, with over 350 installations in over 50 countries worldwide. The Bickers GLUEJET® XY Gluer has a proven track record of boosting productivity, lowering unit costs with fast investment returns. Our team is on hand to provide friendly expert advice and always takes care to offer full support from enquiry to installation. Our expert UK based engineer Jan Stevens (07702329104) offers great support.

To learn more about the Bickers GLUEJET® XY Glue Plotter, take a look at our Bickers GLUEJET® page.

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