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Welcome to Finishline Machinery. We work with German industrial equipment supplier Bickers to provide UK and Ireland businesses with GLUEJET® XY Glue Plotters. The company has firmly established itself as a world leader in its field, with over 350 machines installed across 50 countries worldwide, including 80 installations in the UK and Ireland since 2003. The Bickers GLUEJET® is extremely popular due to its proven capacity to boost productivity, raise profits, and produce a flexible and ergonomic workplace design. You can count on our dedicated team of professionals to offer friendly, solution oriented advice regarding the XY Glue Plotter.


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If your POS print/corrugated packaging company is interested in boosting its productivity through acquiring the GLUEJET® XY Glue Plotter, get in touch with Finishline Machinery today.

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GlueJet logo for Bickers Gluing experts XY Glue Plotter

GLUEJET® XY Glue Plotter

  • Servo-controlled automatic XY Gluer
  • Application of hot melt adhesives and cold PVA glues, with up to four different kinds of application possible in one operation
  • Special adhesives for concealed, lacquered and laminated materials
  • Four independently controllable workplaces
  • Glue up to four different products at one time, sometimes more size permitting
  • The ONLY machine where production from all four sides of the table is possible


Bickers Gluejet XY Gluer Triple Heads

Bickers XY Glue Plotter



The XY Glue Plotter in Uk and Ireland

Benefits of the Bickers GLUEJET® XY Glue Plotter

  • Extreme reduction in unit costs
  • Consistency! Same amount of glue in the same place, every time.
  • Significant increase in productivity and product QUALITY
  • Better work ergonomics
  • Optimised staff development
  • Free lifetime remote maintenance due to integrated modem

Over 80 GLUEJET® XY Glue Plotter have been installed in the UK & Irish markets, with many more on order. Despite the challenges of COVID-19 we have continued safely selling and installing Bickers machinery using our UK based engineers. For engineer support contact Jan Stevens on: 07702329104.

We shall be exhibiting our amazing Bickers XY Glue Plotter at Fespa Berlin ( June 2022) and Drupa Dusseldorf (May 2024). Come and visit us for a live demonstration and friendly professional advice on how the Bickers GLUEJET® can change the way you glue your FSDU POS displays.

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 Glue for the XY Glue Plotter


Specially designed pressure sensitive hot melt for the GLUEJET® from Bickers now available in the UK From: 

Tel: 01268 540774




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Bickers TAPEJET® XY Taper

The Bickers-JMP TAPEJET® provides your company with an emphatic solution to all taping requirements. These XY TAPEJETS are multi-axis servo-controlled automatic taping machines that can be employed in a variety of industries, from packaging to vehicle manufacture. They are practically self-sufficient when in automatic mode, enabling just one operator to mind several machines and replace tape rolls/material as required. Roll changes are achieved easily in less than 1 minute.

There are essentially no limits to the direction of tape application. Processing speed can be set at any value from between 0.1 to 1.2 m/sec, with the smooth function of the equipment being maintained and managed using a logical control unit. Desired tape patterns are programmed effortlessly and simply managed through a joystick and laser pointer. A vacuum table with suction zones holds the sheet in place, with the camera registration system on the tape head allowing for perfect positioning every time.

You can rely on the Bickers-JMP TAPEJET® to offer an accurate, repeatable tape application using pick and place. It handles both standard and specialty tapes in different widths for a broad range of products.

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Tapejet XY Taper in Uk and Ireland 





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Finishline Machinery has served companies in the UK and Ireland since 2003, offering specialist advice and assistance. Get in touch for further information about the Bickers GLUEJET®XY Glue Plotter.