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Finishline Machinery is the sole U.K. Sales Agent for Swedish manufacturer Lamina Systems who manufacture Litho laminators, Mounting machines, Hot Melt Folder Gluers and Tape Applicators to the printing and packaging industry. Lamina is famous worldwide for it's innovative approach to all of their product range and has installed machines in over 130 countries. All Litho sheet mounting/laminators and in-line hot melt folder gluers are modular in construction with a rigid framework of special profile anodized aluminum (stronger than steel!) that will remain attractive and give many years of dependable service with a great second hand value. The Lamina litho laminator provides you with a low cost, highly efficient entry into the high quality, value added graphics market. By sheet mounting on a Lamina litho laminator, specialty items, you will enjoy higher profit margins while positioning your company as an industry leader. The LAMINA BLACKLINE LITHO LAMINATOR / MOUNTING MACHINE has proved to be the litho laminator of choice in the UK market. The next exhibition will be FESPA in Madrid 2020 where many machines will be on display and in full operation. Due to high demand in Litho Laminators, Mounting machine and Folder Gluer sales over the last few years Lamina has now increased its production facilities in Sweden during 2017/18 by 30%. Talk to us for friendly advice about your Litho Laminator/Mounting and Hot Melt Folder Gluer requirements. Litho mount laminators are still an excellent way to add value and increase profit margins. Check out the exhibition page for our next show. Interested companies are always welcome to visit Lamina's factory in Sweden. The Blackline litho laminator from Lamina is by far the most popular choice in the UK with installs of more than 80 machines. By using a Lamina litho laminator for packaging and/point of sale work you will increase both quality, productivity and profits. Many companies are finding that they now prefer to have litho laminating carried out in house rather than sending it out. We will have a litho mount laminator and folder gluers in operation at DRUPA 2020. #drupa2020

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Finishline Machinery is the UK Sales Agent for the original XY Glue Plotter Gluejet machines from BICKERS of Germany. The Gluejet XY Glue Plotter is by far the market world leader and is available in many models to suit almost any Hot Melt XY Glue Plotter requirements. The Glue Plotter from Bickers is the only real option for safety and speed. Hot melt (and PVA) can be applied in a single application in any geometric pattern including lines, waves, circles, arcs, dots, spray etc. The Bickers hot melt glue used on the XY Glue plotter has incredible bonding properties on most substrates used in the print industry and it has almost infinite OPEN TIME enabling complex assemblies. The desired glue patterns are programmed into the XY gluer plotter machine via a touch screen and joystick controlled laser beam and camera. This XY Glue Plotter is a simple machine to set-up and operate, therefore unskilled personnel can be used. The Gluejet XY glue plotter will increase both productivity and profits giving a fast investment return. The perfect XY glue plotter for FSDU, Dump Bins, POS Finishing and Corri Clip production. If you still have a small army of outworkers using hand held glue guns we would like to show you another way of working. The Bickers Gluejet XY Glue Plotter has been very successful in the UK and is the number 1 choice with 60 UK installs so far! Look out for exhibitions where we fully demonstrate our XY Glue Plotter to show why it is the original world leader and the number one choice. The next exhibition will be FESPA in Madrid 2020 (#fespamadrid2020). The XY Glue Plotter from Bickers is serviced by a UK based engineer. Specialist Bickers hot melt and PVA glue designed for use on their XY Glue Plotter can now be purchased in the UK directly from Enterprise Adhesives. NEW IN 2019 *TRIPLE SMART GLUE HEADS GIVING UP TO 6m PER SECOND OF GLUE APPLICATION IN BOTH X & Y DIRECTIONS* We will exhibit the latest Bickers Glue Plotter Gluejet at FESPA Madrid 2020.

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