Bickers GLUEJET® XY Glue Plotter Installed at Augustus Martin




One of the largest UK producers of point of sale items has had a Bickers GLUEJET® CNC glue plotter installed at its site in East London during Q4 2011. The machine has a 2m x 3m gluing area with scissor lift elevating split tables and can apply both hot melt and PVA adhesives. This glue plotter is perfect for FSDU/Dump bin style work and in many cases reduces time and labour by 50% - 70% or more. The set-up is easy, quick, and, by using a pressure sensitive hot melt spray and cold PVA combination, bonds are very strong in all settings. More installations are planned for the coming months.

L-R: David Barrow, Operations Director, Augustus Martin & Neil Thayer UK Sales Agent, Finishline Machinery.

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