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World Leader in Commercial XY Glue Plotters

Finishline Machinery is a UK-based sales agent for commercial print finishing machinery, specialising in overseeing the efficient installation of the Bickers GLUEJET® XY Gluer Plotter in the UK and Irish markets. Bickers is a German company that is a world leader in its field of XY Gluers. For decades they have overseen 400+ installations worldwide. Over 80 installs in the UK and Ireland. Underpinned by over 40 years of specialist knowledge, our XY Glue Plotter has a proven track record in boosting productivity and increasing profit margins. Our team of experts has worked with Bickers to satisfy the needs of UK and Irish companies since 2003. We offer friendly free professional advice regarding the XY Glue Plotter and provide full assistance from enquiry through to the installation process.




If your company is interested in acquiring the Bickers GLUEJET® XY Gluer Plotter, get in touch with Finishline Machinery for a free consultation.



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Finishline Machinery takes pride in serving the UK and Ireland as the official sales agent for the Bickers GLUEJET® XY Gluer, the world leader in its field. Available in multiple models to suit almost any Hot Melt XY Gluer requirements, the GLUEJET® XY Gluer has application speeds of up to 6m per second, allowing for Hot Melt and PVA to be applied in a single pass and in any geometric pattern, such as lines, waves, circles, arcs, dots, spray, etc. Material stacking height of the automatically rising tables are 800mm capacity, reducing reload times thus increasing output. It has been long since recognized as the best option for safety and speed using premier parts from world class suppliers.

The Bickers hot melt glue used on the Bickers GLUEJET® XY Glue Plotter has impeccable bonding properties on most substrates employed in the print and packaging industry, with an almost infinite open time that enables complex assemblies of FSDU displays and alike. Desired glue patterns are programmed into the machine through a combination of a touch screen and joystick-controlled laser beam and camera and using a DXF transfer system. The XY Glue Plotter is a simple machine to set up and operate meaning unskilled personnel that are used to using handguns can be used. Triple smart heads can be retrofitted to an existing GLUEJET® for seamless production or ordered from new. It has been demonstrated to both increase productivity and profits, giving a fast return on investment. Many companies across the UK have come to us for further installations due to the XY Glue Plotter's success, in some cases having a total of six or even ten machines installed within their group.

This is one of the best endorsements we could have, showing complete confidence in our machines. Real life customer feedback on savings typically states a 70% reduction of labour and a 50% increase in capacity when compared to gluing by hand.

The Bickers GLUEJET® is perfect for FSDU, Dump Bins, POS Finishing and Corri Clip production, serving as an obvious alternative to traditional handheld glue guns. We have seen our XY Glue Plotter easily become the market leader in the UK, with over 80 installations in the UK and Ireland. Our team takes care to visit all exhibitions and installations in the interest of furthering knowledge and demonstrating to clients exactly why the XY Glue Plotter is by far the market leader.

Other companies have attempted to model their machines in accordance with our XY Glue Plotter due to its remarkable efficacy but so far without any real success. The original remains the only real choice, as evidenced by our unparalleled installation record. All XY Glue Plotters are serviced by Jan Stevens and his team, our UK-based engineer. Specialist Hot Melt and PVA designed for use on the Bickers GLUEJET® can now be purchased in the UK directly from Enterprise Adhesives.

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We also work with Bickers to supply the TAPEJET® Tape Plotter to UK and Ireland businesses. This is a state-of-the-art servo-controlled tape plotter for the exact and reproducible application of high volumes of double-sided tape, with an excellent record of reducing unit and personnel costs.

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We Also Supply Litho Laminators and Folder Gluers

Along with our work to service UK and Ireland businesses with the Bickers GLUEJET® XY Glue Plotter, Finishline Machinery also works with Swedish manufacturer Lamina Systems, who produce first-class Litho Laminators, Mounting Machines, Hot Melt Folder Gluers and tape applicators. The company is unrivalled in its field, installing machines in over 130 different countries. The Lamina Litho Laminator offers a low-cost, highly efficient entry into the graphics market, giving businesses better profit margins and positioning them as industry leaders. Finishline Machinery is proud to have sold over 100 machines from Lamina System into the UK and Irish print industry.

To learn more about the Lamina Litho Laminator, take a look at our other website, which is dedicated to our work as sales agents for Lamina Systems.

Litho Laminators

 Lamina Factory for the Litho Laminators in Uk and Ireland




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If your company is interested in acquiring the Bickers GLUEJET® XY Glue Plotter, get in touch with Finishline Machinery for a free consultation.



Our specialist team has overseen a large number of exhibitions for the Bickers GLUEJET® XY Glue Plotter over the years. We are looking forward to meeting old friends and making new ones at DRUPA 2024 and showing them our latest developments. All demonstrations will be live / Hall 12 - Booth A60.

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Take a look at our Bickers GLUEJET® page to view a video tutorial that runs you through the key aspects of the XY Glue Plotter provided by German company Bickers.