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The Lamina FA Blackline litho laminator is a highly accurate high speed sheet to sheet fully automatic laminating/mounting machine. Running speed and sheet handling are greatly inproved due to the unique feeding system. This litho laminator can handle most of the existing material on the market. The compact construction makes the machine operator friendly with a very short set-up times. The modular construction allows easy upgrading and the anodised finish results in a hard wearing surface that stays attractive for years. A number of options such as single face feeder, down stacker, pressure belt etc. can be added whenever required. The Blackline litho laminator is the model of choice in the UK with more than 50 installs so far.

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NEW Lamina Tape Applicator Table

The new Tape Table from Lamina is a simple but very effective machine. It is hand fed but a feeder can be added on request. Set up's are very fast and savings on time and manpower are huge! Up to 4 Tape Applicators can be fitted and they can apply double sided, foam & rip tapes. Even thick MAGNETIC TAPE!Top n tail taping is very popular in this machine together with the ability to stop/start on a length. *NOW AVAILABLE WITH AUTO FEEDER! Perfect for Ecommerce taping.

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*NEW* FASLINE EDGE sheet litho Laminator

The Lamina FASLINE EDGE is a fully automatic high speed sheet-to-sheet laminating/mounting machine. This litho laminator is equipped with both the Lamina Edge-to-Edge register for high precision registration and the all-new Lamina on-the- fly register for continuous, non-stop registration with adjustable overlap by the press of a button. The litho laminator has a high capacity rear edge top feeder that allows for loading pallets directly in to the unit for short stops due reloading. Bottom sheets are fed in to the machine by using a servo controlled non-stop belt feeder. The feeder is equipped with a heavy duty vacuum system to assure for reliable feeding of a various of materials.


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Hot Melt In-Line Gluer & Taping Machine

The Lamina Gluer has been designed to apply a straight line glue bead or spots for creating display units, FSDU's, cartons, show cards etc. The guiding system is easily adjusted without the use of tools and often set up's take less than 5 minutes. The Gluer can easily adapt to your special requirements because of the flexibility inherent with the stronger than steel aluminum profile construction. The most popular addition to the Gluer is a double sided tape applicator which can also apply foam tape, Velcro and even thick MAGNETIC TAPE! The tape unit is programmed in the same way as the glue allowing for long and short lengths giving huge savings on labour and on the tape itself. Many configurations are available on request.

A new Working Station is now available designed especially for difficult 2 piece gluing. This new unit can be independently operated or work together with a standard gluer making it a very diverse machine.

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The FAS litho laminator is a one operator machine, especially developed for thicker bottom sheet material, such as open or double corrugated, foam board, cardboard etc.
This litho laminator is equipped with a stream feeder for the top sheets and a suction belt feeder for the bottom sheets, which increases the loading capacity to 1600mm for the top sheets and provides a non-stop function for the bottom feeder.

GLUELINE/High Speed 2 piece gluer

Lamina Glueline is a fully automatic non-stop gluing and folding machine for one piece or two piece boxes. The machine works with two heavy duty vacuum controlled belt feeders which can be used to feed in one or two piece boxes. By using Laminas registration system and non stop feeder the machine is extremely effective for two piece boxes. The Glueline can work with hot-melt, cold glue or a combination of both. The machine feeds in one or two pieces into the two piece registraton unit after applying glue and then continues to the next station for secondary gluing and end finishing.

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Lamina Crash Lock Folder Gluer

The Lamina Crash Lock Folder Gluer is a very compact and effective fully automatic folder gluer. The machine is equipped with a non-stop suction belt feeder and a variety of guides and belts to produce standard one point glued boxes or 3 point crash lock boxes and 4 point trays. Set-up is very easily achieved due to the compact construction and also because it is on rails that means it can be pulled apart. Fast set-up's means that even shorter runs are worthwhile producing. Typical set-up time is around 30mins.
The machine is perfect for going from manual to automatic gluing for a low investment.

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